What is Rockside?

Rockside is the platform for integrating Blockchain in any business.
Like Stripe for online payment, Rockside is the complete toolkit for Blockchain application.

✅ Onboard your user with Rockside White Label Wallet

A cross-platform non-custodial white label wallet built for mainstream adoption.

Increase user conversion No browser extensions or external login solution. Increase usage of your App Multi Platform (browser and mobile) Transparency and censorship resistance Informations are transparent and auditable. Rockside can’t reverse the order of transactions or turn off smart contract, in this non-custodian way, only you or your users can access and control assets.

✅ Relay transactions on Ethereum with Rockside Relayer

The most reliable Ethereum gateway and transaction relayer.

Build faster You can focus on product development and not re-writing a Blockchain infrastructure with node and gas-less transaction system. No need to trust Rockside can relay pre-authorised transactions (Non-custodial). No Vendor Lock-In Rockside uses WEB3 API and open standards (EIP) to allow the use of other relays.

Secure your Keys with Rockside Keys Store

Keys management system with enforced enterprise-grade controls.

High Security level Secure enclave with AES-256 encryption, HSM and policy rules insure a high level of protection for private key access.

Integration with existing system Use your actual authentication system (Active Directory, Okta, LDAP, …) to manage your Blockchain application access through simple APIs.

Compliant solution Transactions activities and rights audit through logs and dedicated dashboards.