Can I deploy contracts using an Identity?

When using Identities, you can deploy contracts but the transaction receipt will not contain natively the contract address. By default it will be in the logs (i.e. events) of the meta transaction. Rockside modifies the eth_transactionReceipt response before returning it to you, so that the newly created contract address appears in the contract address field.

Can I use Rockside with truffle?

You can use both EOA and Identities for truffle development. With Identities, you will therefore perform meta transactions transparently.

Here is the configuration for truffle

module.exports = {
networks: {
rockside: {
provider: () => {
return new Web3.providers.HttpProvider("URL")
gas: 0, // set the gas to 0 lets Rockside estimate it instead of the truffle
gasPrice: '0', // set the gasPrice to 0 as your indentity doesn't have ether

Can I use Rockside as a web3 provider for Remix?

Like truffle, Rockside EOA and identities are compatible with Remix.

What are the timeouts of the WebSocket RPC endpoint ?

As of today, Rockside will cut the connection after 3 minutes if no message is received by the server. In any case, Rockside will cut the connection after 5 minutes.

If you need more time, you should implement a reconnect mechanism.