Browser SDK

The Rockside Wallet SDK helps implementing a Wallet and integrating it with Rockside.

Non custodial wallet without Browser extension

For most users today, using a wallet and managing gas and keys is a major obstacle to the adoption of decentralized applications.

The Rockside Browser SDK solution is the best trade-off for users who want to use a non-custodian web application directly in the browser without installing an extension or external wallet.


To describe this SDK in a simplified way, the user chooses an identifier and encrypts his private key locally with his password before store it on Rockside. The use of a smart-wallet and meta transaction mechanism allows it to interact with your smart contract immediately, without worrying about gas or keys. This creates an experience identical to a "web 2.0 on boarding".

When the user wants to sign a message, the SDK will recover his encrypted key from his identifier (an email for example) and decrypt it locally by asking the user to enter his password. If the user wishes to become autonomous, he can always export his seed.


In summary, this SDK allows you to:

  • Manage an HD wallet and its recovery with Rockside encrypted account

  • Deploy a Smart-wallet

  • Relay transactions with Rockside relayer


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