⛽️ Relay API

Unlock the best of Ethereum with Rockside relays.
To relay a transaction, send the destination contract address, the data and the speed you want. Available speeds are safelow (around 30 minutes), average or standard(around 5 minutes), fast (around 2 minutes), fastest (around 30 seconds).
On Testnet we accept to relay transactions to any destination and we do not check the refund Rockside will receive.
On Mainnet we accept to relay transactions to any Gnosis smart wallet. To authorize your destination contract, please contact us. We check the data sent to the destination contract to determine if we will be sufficiently refunded for network fees.
To know our expectations for gasprice and refund address, call our relay params API. That will give a list of speed associated to a gas_price and a relayer. Then use those to create the data required by the destination.
When the transaction is accepted, it will be included in the blockchain even if we have to pay more than the gas price that was specified.
Because Rockside is susceptible to replay a stuck transaction, the Tx Hash associated to your transaction changes.
To keep track of your transaction - whatever happens to it - use the tracking_id- to call our Transaction infos API.
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