Mobile White Label Wallet SDKs

  • iOS SDK

    • Secure EOA Access with Face ID

    • Sign Message with EIP 712

    • Smart Wallet Creation

    • Gas-less Transaction

    • Basic recovery (seed)

    • Recovery by adding Trusted Address to Smart Wallet

  • Android

Browser White Label SDK

  • Create a HD wallet

  • handle recovery

  • Create a Rockside smart Wallet

  • Sign Message with EIP 712

  • Gas-less Transaction

  • Integrated Recovery solution

Transaction Relayer

  • support relay of signed message (EIP 712)

  • Use different EOA to sign the transaction

  • batching delegation with replay protection

  • Gas optimization option by priority

Keys Store

  • internal Security Models

  • Authentication

  • Create EOA and return public address

  • Sign and Relay transaction to the Network with an API

  • Okta Connector

  • Sign message with the API

  • Define advanced policy for an EOA

  • AWS Connector